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Jennifer* whispers, “Not again.

Another meltdown on their way out the door. Just getting her son ready every morning is a harrowing ordeal. At work, she gets another call from his school about disruptive behavior. She checks her email and sees a friend’s daughter is having a party, but she knows she’ll have to decline since she can’t trust her son to behave.

She fears for her employment, her relationships, her sanity, and her child’s future. She’s so exhausted and feels like she’s failing him as a mother, but she doesn’t know how to help. She loves her child, but she does not love parenting him.

William* snaps, “What now?

His daughter used to idolize him, but now he can’t get a kind word out of her. It’s like she’s become a different person overnight, and this new person hates his guts. Her moods seem to swing from minute to minute. And he wonders how there are so many more types of bad moods than good.

He doesn’t know what to do. Should he keep trying to get through to her? Or should he give her space to figure things out on her own? The emotional whiplash of living with this 14-year-old is getting to be too much. He can’t tell if he misses his little girl or if he’s disappointed with the daughter he’s raised.

Libby* chokes, “I can’t.

She’s simply lost too much. She hasn’t just lost her ability to trust and desire to be around other people. It’s not only a lost sense of safety and comfort in her skin. Her very identity feels like it’s been taken from her.

She wants to get past this part she can’t control – the part that hurts and scares her from taking a step forward. But she feels buried by the weight of her past and unable to move. She knows that she can’t keep pretending everything is fine, and there’s a small part of her that believes she’s worth saving.

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Hi, I’m Katrina.

I’m a psychologist, a parent (who sometimes feels “over it”), and someone who’s survived my own challenges. I’ve been fortunate to have others accept me at my lowest AND challenge me to make changes that are good for me and the people around me. I would love to be that person for you.

As your therapist, I aim to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of your care. After ensuring I have a good understanding of how I can help, we’ll decide on a course of action together.

Our collaboration will be born from your strengths and determination, my experience and transparency.

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Jennifer sent me a message, and we scheduled her first appointment. Through our work, she gained confidence in her parenting skills and developed the kind of relationship with her son that she only used to dream about.


William called me, and we set about helping him reconnect with his daughter. He learned how to speak and listen to his teenager and now has a daughter who participates in family life and has a bright future ahead of her.


Libby took a deep breath and reached out to me. In our sessions, we worked to help her gain new insights into her past, calm her mind and body, and take an active role in writing the next chapter of her life.

*The above names and stories are fictionalized composites of real clients I have supported.

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I met Jennifer, William, and Libby where they were and encouraged them to make real changes. I can do the same for you.

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